Saturday, September 27, 2014

SitSpots aren't just for rug replacements...

Ahh ~ what a few weeks it has been in my household.  I have been so MIA and I apologize!  Things are looking up though and I'm ready to get back in the {blog} game!  I'm here to talk about SitSpots.  If you aren't familiar with them you have GOT TO check them out!  We had the pleasure of meeting Joyce at the TPT conference in Vegas and let me tell you she is one smart cookie!  As a former principal/educator she came up with a brilliant idea and teachers all over the world are benefitting from it.  If you aren't familiar with SitSpots they are pieces of Velcro type shapes that stick to most carpets that can be vacuumed over, written on, moved etc. I actually chose to use mine in a different way though.  I have a big black rug that I like and since I now teach third grade I don't feel it's quite as important to have that 'personal space' as it was for my firsties.  So here is what I'm up to and I have more ideas up my sleeve.
Many of you read about my Trash Can Spelling post  - if you haven't you can find it { here }.  Well Joyce sent me these adorable OWL SHAPED SitSpots so of course I had to use them.  I assigned points to the color owl for my game and viola!  Now I have a fun engaging activity/game that the kids love that is cute!  Who ever thought that would happen?!?  These are easily movable and can be used for so many things!  Small groups/Literature Circles to keep them in a certain spot, in place of a large rug/ small games/ intervention groups on rug, etc.  You can even write on them - use them for math groups, sight word practice and more!  I'm a huge fan and so thrilled that I'm able to use these - not just because they are practical and useful and fun but they are so CUTE too!
Those are bright, colorful owl shapes!  There are so many shapes and colors to choose from:  you can check out all the options

Monday, September 8, 2014

Back to School Stuff

Welcome back to school everyone!  I've been back for a while but I know lots of my friends just started back!  I am LOVING third grade so much and so happy to have been able to make the change.  I'm curious what you do for first day of school pictures...Pinterest has ideas all over the place and for years I have done this:
So this year I wanted to switch it up a little and I used a chalkboard themed background for the's hard to tell from the photo unfortunately but the I'm a third grader is a thinking bubble over their head.
The first day of school I had the kids come up with sticky notes { which they loved } and place them on the following anchor chart posters.  It was fun seeing where and why everyone put theirs.
Do you have children?  If so do something special for them this week...make a special breakfast, encourage them in their sport or activity of preference or take them on a date.  Our time with our kids is so limited. 
Ok my friends ~ I hope your first week went amazing.  Room reveal post to come soon!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Smile Tiles { a fun spin on brag tags }

Hi sweet friends!  I have had fun receiving emails from teachers that have implemented my smile tile reward system and wanted to share it with you.  It has been shared on facebook but not on my blog.  I created smile tiles last year because they were cheap and easy to use.  Brag tags are fun and companies make them for teachers but it involves a necklace and plastic tag that can get expensive.  Well my smile tiles are easy and can be printed out on the spot and handed out to deserving kids or printed early on and saved in a file ready to use as well. 
 My smile tiles cover a large variety of topics....
*being good for the sub
*AR points
*class behavior
*rewards by subject ( great in math today, way to read, etc. )
*hallway behavior
*lost a tooth
*quiet during the assembly
*100% on spelling test
*being a good friend
*knowing my sight words
*being a good student
*being a bucket filler
*having a great first day of school
*knowing multiplication facts
*being a good leader
*seating quietly on the rug
*writing neatly
*great journal writing
*being a shining star
*having a neat desk
*being a peacemaker
*trying their best in cursive
*being a math whiz
*being a great buddy reader to younger kids
*helping a new student
*great presentation
As you can see these cover a wide range of topics and come in Black and White or Color for your printing needs.  Here are some proud kiddos wearing them...
Here are a couple reviews from my ratings section on this product...
Give them a try and please tell me what you think.  I love receiving emails with pictures of teachers using my products...have fun.  I'm very confident your kids AND parents will love them.  They look darling wearing them home and they will be so proud too.
You can get your own set { here }

Friday, August 29, 2014

Trashy Crafter GIVEAWAY

I'm so excited to be working alongside Kimberly and her mom at the Trashy Crafter!  They are a talented duo that recycles books, sheet music and maps by turning them into jewelry.  How genius is that?!?  I received the Caps for Sale bracelets in the mail and am raffling off an earring set to one of my lucky followers!  Each piece is hand made by rolling the pages of the damaged books to create beautiful beads.  These are then teamed up with other jewelry beads to make a very unique and beautiful piece.  I love it also because they are conversation pieces and...if you have a favorite book it would be so special to 'wear' it on your wrist or ears.  PLUS as teachers ~  well need I say more...hello we LOVE books!

 I proudly wear my bracelets to school and almost every time someone stops me and asks me about them. 

They arrived quickly and were packaged soo cute! 

Even the packaging is smart is that?!?
You absolutely MUST try these and you will fall in love!  If you are a teacher it's a must have - a librarian - a lover of books - a lover of music ( they even make these with sheet music ).  The creativity never ends!  If you'd like a chance to win those adorable Little Red Riding Hood book earrings enter the rafflecopter below:

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Help I'm stuck ~ What can I write about?

No matter what age you teach I can almost guarantee that you will hear:  "What can I write about?  I have no ideas... "  I moved up to third grade this year { which I'm loving } and I was surprised how my third graders even have trouble with this.  So this pack came into being:  Quickly my students have come to rely on this when they are well... stumped ~ just like the title says.  They walk up and I have a few ready made on rings.  They look through them and get inspired.  In fact I have really enjoyed some of their elaborations on simple prompts like:  If I was a child wrote that he would have a dinosaur as a pet because he might step on a regular sized dog...brilliant!  I love reading their creativity once we give them the scaffolding they need to get started.  I would love to give one of these away and I will also put it on sale incase you don't win.  Winner will be picked tomorrow night by 9pm PST.  The rules are to pin this picture from my blog and comment below: 
Take a look:

 We've only been back about 2 weeks and this has become a wonderful and popular resource for my kiddos.  I have been so excited to see what they are writing about and how they are running with a topic.  Give it a try and tell me what you think...I'm pretty confident it will make your writing block much easier.

Giveaway starts now:  pin it to win it AND leave a comment:

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Brain Break Blitz Linky with GoNoodle

I am in love with GoNoodle ~ here's proof:
I'm linking up with my GoNoodle girls and several other talented teacher friends to bring you a GoNoodle Blitz
The idea behind GoNoodle is Brillant!!!!  P.E. was cut years ago in my district and kids need little breaks to be active...hello!  These brain breaks thrown in periodically throughout my day is amazing.  Just what my kiddos need for sure!  I had a ball at the TPT conference at their booth as you can see.
Here's more proof:  Even teachers need brain breaks:
Here are some pics from me last year with my class:
If I was stranded on a desert island what 3 brain breaks would I bring or hope to have?
1.  The Chicken - We love dancing with the chicken!!!!
2. Maximo- He helps students be focused, stay calm and ready to return to work.  
3. Any of the Run with Us videos- Sometimes kids just need to get their energy out...let's be honest and this is a great way to do just that!
My kiddos love watching our champ grow and change as we participate in our brain breaks.  I love to use it during transition times or after a big lesson and I know their brains are tired.  My kids look forward to it everyday and they each have their favorites...some like yoga, some the chicken dance.  There's something for every personality in your class.  Give it a try if you haven't ~ you will fall in love!


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bright Ideas * Table Points Reward

I love finding new behavior management ideas on Pinterest or just having them come to my brain at 2am!  I'm teaming up with the amazing teachers in the monthly Bright Ideas Blog Hop to share my idea with you for August! 
This can truly work for any age group K-5 because the younger or older kids would enjoy this reward.  So my students work hard all week earning table points as one of my reward systems ( I have several in place ) as do most of you.  I used to have the entire table go to the treasure chest but it got crowded/loud and annoying over there.  You know what I'm talking about ~ I see your head nodding. 
So I happen to have a very talented mom in law that made me  these but you can find some on etsy OR you can pick them up fairly cheap in a teacher store or Lakeshore Catalog.  The table that earned the most points that week gets the chair pockets for the entire upcoming week.  Here is what mine look like:
So ~ this is a simple idea that won't cost you a lot if you shopped around since you will only need  4 - 6 of them instead of an entire class set of 20 - 25.  Also it's kind of a novelty because they would only earn them once in a while.  Give it a try and tell me what you think on one of my social media spots:  read about where you can find me:
If you enjoyed this bright idea consider following me on :
facebook or instagram .  For more bright ideas browse through the link up of over 100 talented bloggers and choose a topic or grade level that interest you.  Have fun!