Saturday, November 22, 2014

Do you need books for your classroom?

Hi friends!  I hope you are looking at either a 9 day vacation or a short week ahead.  Either way it's a nice little well deserved break for you!  I HAD to share my brilliant friend Deb's post over at our collaborative blog:  The Primary Chalkboard.  If you have ever asked yourself :  Where can I find some books CHEAP for my classroom?  Than this is the post for you.  You need to go read it - I can't wait to grab some more books to stock up my library from changing grade levels.  Swing on by and read about it. Save it as a favorite because you won't want to lose this bookmark! 

Click { here } to head over:

The website shows this map and all you do is click on your state/area to find them...easy peasy!

For more great ideas visit the Primary Chalkboard often for ideas/tips/giveaways and freebies!

Friday, November 7, 2014

5 for Friday

I'm so excited it's Friday!  It's been a busy, long week!  Here's what we have been up to:

This week we are learning all about main idea and details.  I was racking my brain trying to figure out a way to make a fun seasonal craft to use for it and ...I thought why not use my Turkey Craftivity from first grade last year and switch it up?!?  Well that is exactly what I did...


Rather than have them do this exact craft I thought I could take off the legs and make the feathers - details.  So this is how I modified it:

As you can see it's very similar but works perfectly for third grade as a main idea and details turkey.  My kids were so proud of them!

My friend typed up some information on Thanksgiving and I handed these out to each table.  The kids took turns choosing which section to focus on for their main idea/details.


Ok so have you all heard of Humphrey the Hamster?  Oh my goodness I can't even tell you how in love my third graders are with him!  It's a wonderful book series by Betty Birney. I have purchased about half of them and will be sure to get them all.  The writing is brilliant and we can't help but fall in love with this funny hamster.  You can find out more about this series { here }

This week resulted in the end of my daughter's high school volleyball season!  It was great fun and it was the first time I was team mom for her ever.  Such a great group of girls.  I love being a mama! <3

Anyone else out there use StitchFix?  Oh my goodness I'm obsessed!  If you don't know what it is:  basically it is a personal shopper that picks out 5 items for you based on your profile choices/styles you like.  They are shipped to you and you can pick none of the items or just a few or even all of them.  What you don't like you ship back ( on their dime ) and you have a very cute, sassy wardrobe.  Here is one of the skirts I got the end of October:

If you want to give it a try:  you can visit the site and use my link here to help you:

Lastly I wanted to share my November pack with you:  I do a What I'm Teaching pack for each month:  Here is my November one...check it out { here }

Head on over to Kacey's blog to join in the fun!  Tell us about your week and link up:  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Freebie just in time for Halloween

So I know you all have seen it on Pinterest

...YES Halloween is on a Friday!!!!  Best news ever - well almost!  I just wanted to share a project I did in class today that my kids loved!  I have been making a life size one of these candy corn guys for years.  This is the first year I shrunk it down to make it kid sized - kinda like a bite sized candy bar I guess.  I turned it into a freebie for you all to enjoy!

and here is the one that has been on my door for years...

This little project would be perfect as a center rotation at a party on Friday. ( If you are allowed to have a party... we aren't so we made ours today. ) We have the 'party police' in our you too?  We are allowed 2 parties a year.  Man do you remember when we grew up.  I think we had popcorn parties alone like twice a month not even counting holiday ones.  Oh well ~  I think I turned out okay with all those parties...LOL!  You can grab the freebie {here}
Tell me : how many parties do you get a year?

Friday, October 24, 2014

5 for Friday

I'm so excited to be linking up again for 5 for Friday...I have been missing out on this for way too long.  It has been a wonderful week and I can't wait to share about it:
First off tell us about your week and link on up with Kacey by clicking the link below:
This week was AWESOME!!!!
First I introduced the fun pumpkin chair pocket REWARD!!!!  I picked up a cute pumpkin chair cover at the Dollar Tree store and introduced it to my students.  I told them that I will be looking for kids on task, engaged, participating with role model behavior to have it on their chair.  Throughout the day I look for a student that is deserving of it. ( I move it around every hour or so ).  At the end of the day whoever has it on their chair can go to the Treasure chest.  They LOVE it and it's perfect to keep their behavior in check until Halloween. 
It's working like a charm!!!
My room mom did this with my Franken Rhyme Pack craft:
On a personal note my #3 was extra special:
Every year our high school has a volleyball game for the CURE.  It's all in honor of breast cancer awareness. I'm team mom and made the bows for the girls...they sure looked great!  Here my boy and I are heading out ready to cheer my daughter on!!!
We have been studying spiders and making anchor charts from non fiction text.  Today we pulled out the main idea and details and turned that into a spider craft...this equals FUN for my kiddos!
My last little bit of fun is the brand new multiplication pack I made this week:  It has a RHYME for EVERY fact 2's - 12's.  You can pick it up { here }
Here are some sample pages:
Well there you have it!  I'm so ready for FALL ~ This SO. Cal girl is ready for boots and scarves so if you are experiencing cooler temps can you send it my way?!?  Tell me about your week!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

How to Use Dollar Tree Finds in your Classroom

So I'm here to talk to you about the dollar tree and what GREAT treasures and finds are hidden there. 
 First of all:  It's sooo CHEAP!!!  That is a huge plus and benefit for teachers right?!?
Second:  Be open minded and go in there thinking and maybe even bring a notepad.  I have jotted ideas down and seen something to match that idea.  For instance I knew I was going to make a pack about main idea and I wrote down the word meatballs.  I knew right away when I found 'tongs' it would work for my meatball main idea center - see:
Third:  There are TONS of seasonal items there every month.  So be creative on how you can use these.  I saw ice cube trays and immediately thought of 'arrays' for multiplication.  So I added some witchy, pumpkin and skeleton erasers and I now have an array math center for about 5 dollars.
If you look closely at the grid item in the's a sink mat.  When I looked at it I immediately thought:  multiplication chart:
See how I might think's almost the same.  I purchased about 8 trays because as the trays are added the array changes if we are working on say 7's or 8's instead of 3's or 4's.  It gives you lots of options.
Here is a fun freebie to go along with the ice cube tray idea:
If you find a blow up reindeer write math equations on it...have a game of quiet ball where the kids toss it to each other and whatever their hand or thumb lands on they have to answer that many ideas all you have to do is be creative and ....SHOP!  Have fun and share some ideas you have used from the Dollar Tree.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cancer ~ such an ugly word

Cancer - one of the very worst words you can ever hear uttered!  Hopefully with education and early detection it doesn't have to be though...I heard those words in October of 2006 for the very first time...well obviously not for the very first time but for the first time when I knew in my heart of hearts it would forever effect me.  It's like your insides are getting ripped out and your heart just stops for a bit.  If you have never heard those words in such an intimate way you just don't understand to the depth that I 'm trying to explain it.  You are forever changed.  There's no going back.
Most of you know my sweet mom and true bff lost a battle to cancer in 2007.  I heard the news Oct. 2nd, 2006 and she took her last breath April 1, 2007.  It went SOOO quickly and it hurt so deeply.  I will never be the same that's for sure.  Every award my son gets hurts in a way...every volleyball match my daughter wins has some pain in it because I can't share it with my mom.  She would be so incredibly PROUD of my kids!  She adored them and I'm so blessed that they knew her even though they were much younger.

Although my mom didn't pass away to Breast Cancer I'm happy to support ANY kind of cancer to be honest.  So I'm here today to discuss breast cancer as it is breast cancer awareness month.  First be sure to do your part in your monthly self exams.  If you have any history of breast cancer talk to your doctor.   I have put together a little list to help you get out and make your mammogram appointment:
 Top 10 reasons to get a mammogram:
10.  Early detection is the BEST defense
9.  Mammograms work!!  They do what they are suppose to do and you can get results - in fact they get results about 1.7 years sooner than a physical exam would do.
8.  Risks increase with age...I'm 43 and started getting these mammos when I turned 40 as recommended by the American Cancer Society.
7.  You only have to do it ONCE a takes about 20 minutes or less out of your life and could SAVE your life!
6.  You will look great in the pink robe they provide. Ok so that one is a little vain. :o)
5.  You will immediately feel older and wiser - so you might not want to feel older but you will be wiser!  Tell your friends that you had one done and encourage them to do the same.  It's so easy!
4.  A mammogram is safe and reliable.  All mammograms are safe - the exposure to radiation is equal to dental xray exposure.  Which is so minimal and the results are fast and efficient. 
3.  You want to keep your breasts and hair!!!  If a simple mammogram can keep your breasts intact and hair in place without pain and devastation why not?!?!
2.  Statistics alone!!!  I took stats in college...ugh!  But these stats are brutal 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer.
1.  You want to save your life!  Also spread the word and save the lives of your friends and loved ones.  So you get your ta ta's squished a bit big deal.  I promise that is much better than the alternative!
This past fall during my regular well woman appointment my doctor found some 'dense' tissue in my breast that was a bit tender to the touch.  She suggested I get an ultrasound as I had recently just had my mammo in December.  Everything went well and I was all clear but still why wouldn't I want to be proactive in a situation like this? 
Quick, no pain and're done before you know it!
I am teaming up with my sweet friend Katie Knight from Teacher to the Core on our mission to inform all of our wonderful friends about breast cancer awareness!  Here is one of her awesome tips:

5 Tips for making your mammogram great (2)

{ click picture to visit her awesome blog }
So smart and just so simple - why didn't I think of that?!?!  Thank you Katie!
So ~ join our mission to save the TA-TA's.  Spread the word by sharing our blog post or facebook post.  Also enter to win some great PINK swag to better support the cause below:

A HUGE thank you to Michelle's Place in Temecula for donating these items for our giveaway.  Check out their facebook page by liking them below.
Here's a close up of the silver cuff: